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Mitchell Vice is challenging incumbent Orrin Hatch, or any “anointed" Republican successor for his seat in the United States Senate. Mitchell will prioritize the demands of ALL Utahns to ensure our voices are being heard and that we are being competently represented in government. Mitchell is committed to Every American Thriving by bringing "We the People" together to engage in powerful and productive conversation when it comes to the issues facing Utah and America.

"Like all of you, I am committed to a future where health care works for patients, providers and taxpayers, where education is valued, where we are responsible stewards of our land, and where our economy produces sustainable jobs with livable wages and equal opportunities for all to thrive. That is why I am running to represent Utah in the United States Senate to ensure that every Utahn, liberal, conservative, unaffiliated and disenfranchised alike, has the possibility to thrive in this great state and in this already great nation.

As my wife Angel and I watch corporate influence steadily diminish our representation in government, we share a great concern for the future of our children and grandchildren. What kind of representation will they have? Will they even have a voice at all?

I found hope and revitalization for the possibility of progress by witnessing thousands of Utahns and millions of American citizens unite and demand to be heard. I am demanding we be heard and I am here to listen to and represent you.

I am taking a stand for “Every American Thriving” and I am here to listen to you, your story, what matters to you, and what it means for you and your family to thrive in Utah. I am committed to transforming politics into a conversation in which all citizens participate powerfully and fearlessly; A government of the people, by the people, for the people. I will be your voice in our nation’s senate.

I was born in California and raised by a single mother in Los Angeles. I have witnessed how amazing and powerful women are thanks to the example set by my mother and her selfless sacrifices for my brother and me. Our small family depended on the compassion, empathy and charity of our community of family, friends, congregation and the occasional government assistance of school lunches and after school programs. Shortly after serving my LDS mission in France and Belgium, I started a family of my own. I felt the need to seek out a certain quality of life, in an environment of wide-open spaces, clean air and majestic landscape surrounding a family-focused community. I found no place better than Utah, so we moved to South Jordan over 23 years ago. It was here that I developed a passionate, emotional connection to the beauty of Utah’s natural constructed architecture.

Since that time, I have finally become acclimated to the snow and I have also enjoyed contributing to stronger and happier communities in Bountiful, Midvale, Riverton, Spanish Fork and finally here in Salt Lake City. My experiences and love for Utah have motivated me to take a stand to ensure that all communities, including yours, thrive.

It is my experience that the American government no longer reflects the will of the American people. Corporate SuperPACs, special interests and lobbyists buy the decisions and motivations of those who claim to be representing us. Career politicians spend more time focusing on reelection by raising money from special interests and gerrymandering their districts, than they spend listening to their constituents. It’s my opinion that they devote more loyalty to their party’s standards and ideals than they do to the principles and values of the people who elected them in the first place. This has created a political divide that is unprecedented in my lifetime. As your Senator, I will listen and engage in the conversation of every American thriving with you, that our current representatives fail to initiate. Though we may not always agree, your voice will be heard, your vote will matter and your communities will thrive.

Every American thrives when they are given access to affordable healthcare,
which lies at the heart of both a healthy population and a healthy economy.

Every American thrives when they are not restricted in their educational pursuits,
nor burdened by the rising costs of student loans and college tuition.

Every American thrives when the risks to our environment are realized and appreciated,
and actions are taken to restore and preserve our landscape for future generations to enjoy.

Every American thrives when they are offered a growing,
prospering job market and guaranteed a livable wage.

My name is Mitchell Vice and I am here today to start the conversation of transforming the unimaginable into the possible. We will transform the way we are represented regardless of race, gender, religious beliefs, political party, or who we love. What matters is that our voices are heard. I am running for The United States Senate to ensure that conversations are being had, that you are being listened to and that every American has an equal opportunity to thrive in this already great nation. I humbly ask for your support and, when you cast your ballots and express your frustrations with our current leadership through the sacred process of democracy, Vote Vice for The United States Senate. Thank you.”

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