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I will take these stands in the conversation of progress.

Every American thrives when the law protects ALL of our unalienable rights and promotes that these rights may be exercised.

Every American Thrives when we level the playing field for working families, instead of allowing the biggest corporations to dominate the market, and recognize that income inequality is not a partisan issue.

Every America child thrives when they receive a world-class, Preschool-to-Public College education geared for the 21st century, including an increased emphasis on S.T.E.A.M.

Every American thrives when they participate powerfully and confidently in free and fair elections — free from the corruption of big money donors and elected officials who manipulate the process for their own personal and political gain.

Our stewardship in keeping Utah beautiful, unpolluted and sustainable is paramount for future generations.

The test of a great nation, with the most powerful military on earth, is not how many wars we can engage in, but how we can use our strength and our capabilities to resolve international conflicts in a peaceful way.

The issue of wealth and income inequality is the great moral issue of our time, it is the great economic issue of our time, and it is the great political issue of our time.

Healthcare is a human right. Single Payer has invaluably served our seniors and the military for decades. It saves money and lives. It is time to extend it to ALL Americans.

The phrase “We are a nation of immigrants” assumes all immigrants will have the same experiences as early immigrants while ignoring that not all Americans are immigrants.

Every American thrives when economic opportunities are balanced, investment spending in infrastructure ensures labor contracts with locally prevailing wages, and returning jobs to our country and the State of Utah.

Technology is changing our lives. Rapid developments in artificial intelligence, autonomy, cyber-physical systems, networking and social media, and disinformation are profoundly altering the national security landscape.

This is about justice and basic human decency. If you work hard and you work full time you shouldn’t live in poverty. I also support strong unions and collective bargaining.

Native American issues are more than just environmental, they are at the core of what it means to be American: honoring our word.

Average Americans today face political elites hellbent on a tax ‘reform’ that funnels new fortunes to the already fortunate.

We owe much more to our troops who have sacrificed for our liberty and freedom than what we are currently offering them in the way of compensation, education, and healthcare.

When it comes to the rights of women, we cannot go backward. We have got to go forward.

I own a firearm and support the qualification of civilian gun owners, through mandatory courses… just like our military and law enforcement.

Every American Thriving

Mitchell Vice is seeking to challenge career politicians and carpet-bagging billionaires as a progressive member of the Democratic Party. Mitchell Vice demanding ALL Utahns have a voice and be represented in government. He is committed to Every American Thriving by bringing “We the People” together to engage in productive conversation when it comes to the issues facing America.



Together we can transform the unimaginable
into the possible

Upcoming Events


St. Patrick's Day Parade

We will be marching in the the 40th annual St. Patrick's Day parade and would love for you to join us! This is a very fun event! We have marched in the past with schools and other groups we support and always look forward to this parade. Please join us in this joyful celebration! Read more

Celebrating Art! Raising awareness and raising money.

Mark your calendars and join us March 16th during Gallery Stroll for a silent art auction. We will be raising awareness for S.T.E.A.M. and fundraising for the campaign. This will be an extraordinary celebration of art and possibility. The event is free and all are welcome. Over a dozen amazing local artists have donated original paintings, sculptures and photographs that will be sold to the highest bidder. Come join your friends as we take a stand for the arts, celebrate local artists and contribute to the possibility of Every American Thriving! Check out the links in the discussion section of the event page to learn more about some of the fabulous and talented artists that are participating in this joyful event. Read more

Joe Hill Day - Music to Move the Mind and Feet

The Joe Hill Organizing Committee will host an evening event on Saturday, November 18, 7pm at The Beehive Social Club, 666 S State St, Salt Lake City, Utah. Following the organization's day-long workshop at the Salt Lake City Library, this evening event will feature music and spoken word, in commemoration of the life and work of Joe Hill, who was executed in Salt Lake City in 1915. Featured performers will be musicians Sad State of Society, Morgan Snow, poet Chris Leibow, and various artists in an open-mic format sharing their music, writings, and readings. The Beehive Social Club is an all-ages venue. Suggested donation - $10 Read more

12th Annual Native Symposium

The 12th Annual WSU Native Symposium theme is "Education and Civility Through a Native Lens" Join us for an engaging conversation during a roundtable discussion and luncheon with community members, WSU students, faculty and staff and our guest speakers. Read more

Save the Date: Cache Democrats Fundraiser

Update: our ticket sales are live! Enjoy an amazing 5-course dinner at Herm’s Inn with amazing people! Tickets are $60 and that money will go directly to helping progressive candidates in Cache Valley! We look forward to seeing you there! Read more


IBEW Local 57

IBEW Local Union 57 is pleased to officially endorses your candidacy for United States Senate.

This endorsement comes from the officers, staff and members of Local 57 to help in your upcoming election campaign. The IBEW Local 57 COPE Committee reviews those candidates we feel would best represent the issues supporting the working men and women in the State of Utah.

IBEW Local 57

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