Economic Justice

Decades of rewriting the rules of government to favor the top 1% has been a disaster for working families in the United States. The policies of the corporate establishment in both parties which allow Wall Street and corporate monopolies to consolidate power, undercut the power of labor unions and suppress wages must be reversed.

Every American Thrives when we level the playing field for working families, instead of allowing the biggest corporations to dominate the market.

The backbone of a vibrant economy has always been the middle-class. And our middle-class must be permitted to organize, paid a fair wage, given the opportunity to invest, and empowered to support their families with more than just a paycheck. We have to make some drastic changes if this is going to happen.

How do we change this? We start by recognizing that income inequality is not a partisan issue. No matter who they vote for — Republican, Democrat, or otherwise — working families in America are getting poorer at the same rate. Wage stagnation has impacted every working American, which means we have the opportunity to build a coalition of people powerful enough to hold large companies to a higher standard and rebuild a secure middle class.

We need to defeat tax bills that fund a massive giveaway to multimillionaires and multinational corporations and reform the tax system so that the rich can’t take more than their fair share, including taxing capital gains more than we tax the multi-millionaire’s secretary.

Building a fair economy for all of us means:

  • Empowering the Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission to enforce antitrust laws that are already in the books and break up monopolies.
  • Reining in Wall Street, including protecting the Dodd-Frank reforms, strengthening the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and reinstating Glass-Steagall protections that separate consumer and investment banking.
  • Increasing capital lending to small businesses.
  • Making it easier, not harder, for workers to join a union.
  • Raising the minimum wage to $15/hour.

Together, we can create a fair economy for all of us, not just the wealthy and well-connected in Washington.