Healthcare is a human right. Single Payer healthcare is a system that has invaluably served our senior citizens and the military for decades. It saves money and lives. It is time to extend that system to ALL Americans. The ACA was a step in the right direction, but we need to guarantee healthcare as a right with comprehensive Medicare For All.

I will do whatever it takes to ensure that Every American Thrives and is given the opportunity to live a healthy life and feel safe to enjoy the beauty of our state without the fear of not having healthcare coverage should something go wrong. Covering Americans with a healthcare plan to ensure that they will be ready for any surprise struggle that they may encounter is something that I fervently believe in and will stand by throughout my time in office.

Instead of listening to the demands of the pharmaceutical industry and their lobbyists, it is time that our lawmakers start listening to the American people, who overwhelmingly believe that the cost of medication is too expensive. More than 70 percent of Americans believe drug costs are unreasonable and that drug companies are putting profits before people. A life-saving drug does no good if the people who need it cannot afford that drug.

  • Support S.1804 Medicare for All which includes prescriptions, mental health, and dental care
  • Expand community health centers to every community
  • Ensure preventive health care is a part our healthcare system