Investment Spending

In my lifetime trickle-down economics has rigged the rules of our economy to redistribute wealth and income to the wealthiest and most powerful people of this country while multiplying our federal debt!

NAFTA, CAFTA, PNTR with China and the WTO have taken millions of American jobs. It’s time to end the race to the bottom and renegotiate these rigged deals that only benefit elites. The only people who are allowed to make laws for the United States should be the American people, not multinational corporations.

These same corporations dodge BILLIONS a year in taxes by using offshore tax havens. We should end this injustice, as well as chain the capital gains tax to the income tax, increase the estate tax, and implement the “Buffet Rule” (which would apply a minimum tax rate of 30 percent on individuals making more than one million dollars a year) so that no millionaire CEO pays less in taxes than his or her secretary. It’s time for a tax system that benefits the middle-class and the poor and makes the top 1% and multinational corporations pay their fair share.

As a United States Senator, I will stand for improving and balancing economic opportunities, promoting investment in infrastructure with labor contracts that ensure locally prevailing wages, and returning jobs to our country and the State of Utah. We need to focus on measures that empower people to earn living wages which will strengthen our economy and our nation for generations to come… And that means a minimum wage that is livable.

  • Infrastructure spending of 4.6 trillion per Association of Civil Engineers recommendations to restore our infrastructure to an A from a D-, without privatization
  • Investment bank for public projects and small business of 500 billion
  • Target job hiring from communities of high poverty and high unemployment for theses investment spending plans.