Native American Issues

Native American issues are the forefront of national conversations regarding conservation, public lands, climate change, and race and equality. Yet, Native American issues are more than just environmental, they are at the core of what it means to be American: honoring our word.

Native American tribes have signed treaties and agreements with the U.S. federal government in exchange for giving up their land. In exchange, the federal government promised tribes healthcare, education, vibrant economies, protections for their sacred sites, and a promise to always honor the government-to-government relationship. Utah has failed at honoring these promises, the United States has failed at honoring these relationships.

I will fulfill, honor, and strengthen to the highest extent possible the United States’ fundamental trust responsibility grounded in the Constitution, treaties, and case law to Indigenous Peoples.

I will recognize the inherent sovereignty of Tribal nations. I will work to enact laws and policies that are led and informed by them. I will ensure that Indigenous People have consistent access to clean air, land, and water as well as the ongoing, protected right to defend their natural resources, protected sites, and inseverable sovereignty.

I will fight for improving Indian Health Services, for improving resources and services to advance the health of all Native Americans and to focus on turning around the tragic epidemic of teen suicide and the growing prevalence of diabetes.

I will fight for improving Public Safety in Indian Country. Every tribal nation and community in Utah must be a safe environment for the next generation of Native children. I will support improved coordination between federal and tribal government, and urban tribal communities. I will always support tribal jurisdiction over state jurisdiction. I will advance resources and services to address the epidemic of missing and murdered Indigenous women.

I will fight for improving and strengthening Indian Education. Native American students both on and off the reservation, from pre-kindergarten through college, need safe schools and culturally-appropriate curriculum taught by the best and most qualified teachers. I will fight for expanding funding for education to honor the treaties we have made with tribes.